New Versions

You Turn Me On Retroversion

Deep Ellum Blues

Stand Up

New Version of Just Riding

Three songs were recorded at Hicktown records..


The Hicktownsongs are the only ones you can buy at this time. All three.

Hear or download at Spotify



Recorded at Hicktown Records

Sound, executive Producer:   Reinhard Gross

Produced By:    Black Buffalo Band




Black Buffalo Band


 Michael Borkes                     Guitars, Vocals, Composition

                 Mark Vegas                      Vocals, part of words at "You Turn Me On"

Michael Brieger                          Keyboards, Composition

                           Uwe Schmidt                             Guitars, Bass, Arrangement

Severin Schauer                  Drums



One special piece of music from the archives. Completely differnt to the Things we play today.

Live Recordings

There is no CD ready yet.

For a little slideshow with a not mixed audience stereo recording click here.

It´s hearable.

I'm working on some filmclips with ready mixed sound.

Will take a wile.

Some meanwile ready mixed songs

Aditional Gutar all other songs David Mathew Turner. Except at Earth and  Running he plays bass.


These are some much elder recordings, when Black Buffalo was called still MBB and  we had a beautyful time, and just played just for fun. And only two musicians. Not playing in line. Selfproduced and no Label.

Many mistakes on it.

But many people like it as well.


Fritzey Greif (worked for Frank Zappa)
Max Brieger
Peter Lautenschlager

Keyboard:                           Michael Brieger
Guitars, Bass and Vocals:    Michael Borkes

                Composition:                       Brieger/Borkes                 

Here you can hear it at Bandcamp.


Odyssee. recorded, when we were still MBB